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Elevate your business with innovative solutions.
Transform your business with robust systems, efficient workflows, and cutting-edge AI consulting.

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What's the problem?

If you're reading this, you're likely dealing with one or more of the following issues:
Operational Bottlenecks
Your current operation relies heavily on manual processes and traditional methods. You're finding yourself capped for time and you're having trouble doing the meaningful tasks that move your business forward.
Stagnation in Business Growth
You're doing well for yourself but you feel like you've hit a wall. You're struggling to take on more clients or reduce your costs. You can't quite get past your current stage and you're not sure what direction to take.
Technological Overwhelm & Uncertainty
You recognize the importance of modern tech like Artificial Intelligence, but you don't have the time to implement them or you're not sure where to begin.

What does this mean for you?

Establish your business as an industry leader.
More Time, Less Stress
Time is money, drastically reduce your costs and focus on the activities that actually matter to you. Whether that's focusing on growing your business or taking a well-deserved break.
DOUBLE your Output
Serve more customers and more clients while maintaining the same level of quality as you had prefer. Exponentially increase business output allowing for scale.
Stay TEN Steps Ahead.
We're in the business of making sure that your company isn't just keeping pace, but LEADING in your industry & staying on the forefront of technological advancement.

Our 3-Step Process

We operate in 2-week sprints, taking on a specified number of requests at a time.

Identify Key Goal

We work with you to identify the highest leverage implementations for your business.

Sprint Planning Call

We'll walk you through a tentative timeline and cover what we need from you.

Sit back & relax

Let us do the work and build it out, you get to watch it happen in real time.

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Creators We've Worked With

This was an absolute game changer
Working with Gavin and the Automation Unlocked team was a game changer. I didn’t even know some of the automations were possible for my consulting business. They’ve saved me countless hours and allowed me to focus more on growing my business. Highly recommend.
Corey Carlson
Absolute wizards with Automation
Tyler is a wizard 🧙♂️ with automations. Just tell him your current business processes and he can take your existing softwares and SOPs and find ways to save you hundreds of hours of work every month. What Tyler does is worth it’s weight in Gold.
James Ustby
Hands-down the best solution
Tyler knows what he’s doing when it comes to automation. He can spin up basically anything you want to automate in a couple of hours. It’s a hack to hire him.
Aadit Sheth
These are your guys for anything AI or Automation.
Have spent hours brainstorming with Tyler, never worked with someone as willing to test anything as him. We spun up 20 different solutions together bringing time savings to my agency with each, genuinely recommend
Derek Wilmer
@iamdwilms • CEO of ProcessingU
Changed my business forever
Not only did they automate my onboarding but they build a custom AI model for short & long form generation specifically trained off of our content. Easily reduced the time we spend scripting by 80-90%.
Ayman Arab
Built an AI model that writes just like me.
The Automation Unlocked team built a fine-tuned AI model for us to use for emails and I kid you not it writes nearly identically to me. If you're looking for anything automation or AI related, these are your guys.
Ryan Arab
$100k+ Generated w/Lead Magnet Automations
Dakota R.
CEO of Growth Ghosts
4x'ed our client capacity and decreased time spent writing emails by 80%
Harry Swales
CEO of Internet Kids
Saved an additional 10 hours per week with one automation.
CEO of WebAM

Pricing Structure

We'll cut straight to the chase - these are the price points you can expect while working with our business.
Testing the Waters


Billed Monthly
One Project Per Month
3 Months post-delivery support
Complimentary Business Audit
Book a Discovery Call
Tech Connoisseur


Billed Monthly
One Request at a Time
Simple & Complex Automations
3 Months Support Post Cancellation
Documented Implementation
Book a Discovery Call
Digital Spartan - Limited Capacity


Billed Monthly
Two Requests at a time
Simple & Complex Automations
AI Fine-Tuning & Custom Models
6 Months Support Post Cancellation
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Check - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
Check - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
Check - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates